Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Columbia became Columbi-yeah-

As a military kid to my core, I was taught to forever connect the idea of leaving with the concept of success. We'd move, get comfortable, & then go again. All in a matter of two-maybe three, if we were lucky, years. It's what I was wired for & this trend has stuck with me. I think I've come to understand that about myself and fight the urge to fly away and as a result, I've learned to love this city very much.


Because that river running through the city is a way of life & the only way to kill the heat come summer. Our collection of porches and patios is unrivaled & the cheap prices attached to most tasty beverages in this town simply cannot be beat. Lately, we've become locally centered-independent shops, grocery stores, & restaurants fill our streets & our participation kicks funds right back into our ever-growing economy. Mild winters & a housing market that makes it cheaper to buy, than to rent. The re-opening of a long since dead old time theater on a revitalized Main Street downtown this summer. An independent film festival in its sixth year come April. Every band in the Southeast worth a lick of ear time in the Music Crawl come the fall, too. 

I could've left. Could've given in to the trend that was instilled in me as a little girl. But really & truly, why go when there are so many reasons to stay?