Friday, May 4, 2012

Last Arts & Draughts of the Year Tonight at the Columbia Museum of Art

In the simplest sense,  Arts & Draughts, hosted by the Columbia Museum of Art and happening tonight from 7-11pm, is exactly what it sounds like: visitors experience the museum's incredible selection of art, which this month, includes a unique perspective tour of The Art of Seating: Two Hundred Years of American Design by Clark Ellefson, a guide most apt to explain the nature of these particular pieces of art thanks to his wealth of experience in post-modern and modern furniture design via his own experience with his company Lewis & Clark. Guests of the museum tonight also experience the unique perspective that stems from a complimentary taste of Harpoon Brewery's IPA, a beer that somehow manages to be both floral & bitter in its taste & hops. But while this undeniably awesome combination is an excellent fit for your Friday night all on its own, the evening holds much more than the title implies. First, you can pair that beautiful beverage mentioned above with food from Scott Hall's Bone-In Artisan BBQ truck for a southern styled dinner mix sure to please even the pickiest palate. 

The party also includes a line-up of live music that is not to be missed. Beginning at 7:20, Mechanical River begins the night, followed by that soulful trio everyone in this city won't stop talking about, The Mobros, at 8:00. You've got the Royal Tinfoil up next at 9:00, and then one of Columbia's finest & friendliest-Josh Roberts & The Hinges, who's song, "As Steady as We Can" featured on last year's Scene SC Sampler and a solid staple of their massive song catalogue, remains one of my favorite tracks to be born in this great city. Here's that track live & an excellent look at the magic that happens when these folks take stage:

Tonight's music line up is a well-planned scene, a diverse body of sound from four talented bands well worth the sacred hours that open your weekend this Friday night. 

If you've never experienced Arts & Draughts, tonight will most certainly make you a steadfast fan. It's the last one of the season for the Museum this year, so missing it really isn't an option. It's a seamlessly well-run event that brings out a friendly crowd you just don't get combined too often in the Soda City. The result? An evening you feel fortunate to have had, & of course, the pride you get from knowing that you live in a town where these events- & that fortunate feeling, too- occur fairly often. 

Get those tickets-which are just $8 & only $5 if you're a member of the Museum, ahead of time right here