Friday, April 20, 2012

Last night & Tonight at Indie Grits: Opening Party, Film Screenings, & Olivia Tremor Control

Folks could hear last night's Indie Grits Opening Party at 701 Whaley long before they saw it. As you approached that beautiful space, there was a definite buzz in the air. Whether from the bass being repeatedly dropped by those totally perfect deejays or the crowds of people who wouldn't stop talking about how incredible the night was-it was a solid sound that welcomed newcomers most hospitably. Upon walking in, this photo:

And upon entering, this crowd, riding the train thanks to some throwback Quad City DJs on the speakers:

Scott Hall's Artisan Grits bar was the ideal complement to the scene at hand. It's diverse selection of  toppings-I particularly got down with the collard greens & blue cheese combination-was a perfect metaphor for the crowd itself. Diverse, colorful, and more than willing to come together to create something wonderful.

Indie Grits arrived in style & in a tone that will carry itself into every nook & cranny of Columbia these next eleven days. Tonight, catch the start of the film screenings at both the old & new Nickelodeon Theaters. You've got an array of titles to choose from, all from independent film makers contributing to the Indie Grits cause. And after, carry your sweet selves on over our river to the New Brookland Tavern on State Street to watch Olivia Tremor Control kick off the music for the festival with a live show that will open with local favorites Coma Cinema and end, I suspect, much like last night did-crowds dispersing, that buzz dying on down, but still, though quietly-people tiredly talking about how incredible this town really is. 

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