Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Let's Make Bacon!" Charcuterie Class Educates & Inspires at Motor Supply Company's "Make" Event

I don't know any good southern girl that doesn't hold a deep reverence for the smell of bacon sizzling away in her Mama's frying pan come Saturday morning. It's a solid signal in the South, an olfactory alarm unlike any other. I've loved it for as long as I can remember. I thought I knew it, too-how it was made, which cuts to search my grocery aisles for whenever I wanted that same smell my childhood brought me each weekend. And then, last night, I had the pleasure of being educated about True Bacon at the "Make" Charcuterie Event with Chef Tim Peters at Motor Supply Company. I quickly learned that true bacon is thick as a steak, meant as a main dish, & should be cured to bring out the quality of a Pork Belly so fine that it could have only come from Caw Caw Creek.

Chef Tim Peters taught a full house about this southern-fried delicacy last night. In the "Make" event, guests were treated first to a selection of house-made Charcuterie by Tim & his very impressive staff. Among the bites that opened the evening were a wonderful sausage and a pate that introduced me to itself so tastefully that I will absolutely try it again. Wine & beer flowed freely from the very generous bartender, who kept guests engaged as they prepared to "make" their own bacon with the Chef.

When he took his place in front of the diversely delicious array of curing spices to speak to his guests about the art of Charcuterie, it became immediately clear to everyone in the room that Peters was much more than an expert Chef. He's that too, of course, but what was most striking about the way the spoke to folks last night went beyond his expertise in the kitchen. The passion with which he spoke, as a man who is inarguably successful, yet completely humble-a man who clearly loves and believes in his work as a Chef, is what I'm certain most will remember long after their bacon cures in a week or two. It's a rare thing in this world to see someone with that kind of joy, & Peters was more than willing to share that with his audience in hopes of inspiring & educating.

Finally, with the perfect blend of humor & direction, Peters wrapped up by answering every level of question from his guests with the utmost grace & detail. He then prepared them to choose their spices for the start of the curing process & head to a table he'd set up with all they would need to create their bacon. Following this process, guests had the option of taking their creation home to complete the curing process or the option of leaving it with Peters & his fantastic staff to finish up at Motor Supply.

It wasn't surprising to see several guests take this option, demonstrating an obvious trust in their host, his staff, and his excellent lesson on far more than just the art of Charcuterie.

You can enjoy Chef Tim Peter's creations long after Indie Grits ends by visiting Motor Supply Company, open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch & dinner on Gervais Street in the heart of theVista.

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