Thursday, April 5, 2012

Urban Tour 2012: Thursday, April 5th

Tonight marks the 5th annual Urban Tour as part of the First Thursdays initiative put in place by our beloved local merchants in an effort to showcase the rejuvenation & renovations taking place along the blocks of Main Street downtown. Urban Tour guests have the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous art shows & retailer showcases that put on their evening best to share the good work they're doing for our local economy every day with the fine patrons of the Capital city. Businesses that would normally close their doors along Main after 5 pm stay open, giving  guests a unique opportunity to get to know the street in a way that will bring them back again & again.

If art shows aren't your thing, try a trip through the Greyhound Pets of America set-up and challenge yourself to not be smitten with those enormous and endlessly sweet creatures. Take note of the music blasting from every block-from the Benedict College Gospel Choir to the SC Philharmonic Orchestra, guests will have the pleasure of hearing sounds for every ear in a celebration of all things local and sustainable. To quench your thirst for the Indie Grits Festival goodness that is coming your way in just two weeks time, take advantage of a sneak peak at the new Nickelodeon Theater on the 1600 block of Main Street.

Perhaps the most exciting of the mapped out itinerary, which you can view here - 2012 Urban Tour, is the Improv Everywhere Mp3 experiment, which has created a social media buzz throughout the city this week. Participants can join & get involved via the website, which is located here - Improv Everywhere: The Mp3 Experiment. The State newspaper gives an excellent run-down of the buzz here, too - "Urban Tour: Acting out in Public". All signs point to awesome on this one, & I personally can't wait until 7:10 pm when the city explodes in laughter at a public prank designed to remind us of what exactly it means to have "fun."

The event is a guaranteed good time & is completely free to attend. We've got our sacredly warm pre-spring weather in full swing, too. Chances are, it'll be a lovely night to experience one of the most prized streets in the city.

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