Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Previewing Slow Food at Indie Grits: Sunday, April 22nd

Slow Food at Indie Grits, which happens on Sunday, April 24th from 4-7 pm at 711 Whaley, is a delicious expression of everything edible, local & sustainable in our city. This conscience-friendly combination ensures that the evening maintains the mission of Columbia's own Slow Food Chapter: to work towards good, clean, and fair foodways in the Capital City.

Slow Food is an homage to the talented chefs & restaurants that treat Columbia eaters right daily with their Farm to Table ingredients and minimally processed meals that fill tables all over town. The food scene in this city is ever-changing & ever-growing towards the correct direction of organic & sustainable food preparation. Slow Food at Indie Grits aims at celebrating that progress via a friendly competition among the city's best chefs, all who employ the methods of food preparation stated above.

At the event, you'll taste dishes by-
Chef Ricky Mollohan, owner, Mr. Friendly's/Solstice/Cellar on Greene
Chef Mike Davis, owner, Terra
Chef Tim Peters, Motor Supply Company Bistro
Chef Kristian Niemi, owner, Rosso Trattoria
Chef Benoit St. Jacques, Rosewood Market & Deli
Chef Alex Suaudom du Monde, owner, Baan Sawan Thai Bistro
Chef Ryan Whittaker, owner, 116 espresso & wine bar
Chef Blake Faries, Saluda's
Chef Jessica Shillato, owner, Spotted Salamander Catering
Chef Scott Hall, owner, Bone-In Artisan Barbecue on Wheels
Chef Sean Hanley, MoMo’s Bistro

Already integrating the culinary mission of Slow Food in your daily life & meals? Share a potluck dish with fellow Slow Foodies at the event. Slow Food asks that you bring abut 20 tasting portions of your best dish that features at least one major local & sustainable ingredient. For your generosity, lower priced tickets to the event are offered at just $20. For those who want only the pure pleasure of tastes from the all-star chefs listed above, tickets are $35. ($30 for members of The Nickelodeon. That could be you! Go here.)

You've also got some high quality libations to match the measure of taste heaven happening on your Slow Food plates with a cash bar, made available by The Whig, featuring wines by Advintage & local craft brew masters, Westbrook Brewery out of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Maintaining the soul sounds necessary for proper Slow Food digestion & enjoyment are the expertly-skilled DJs from the Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul. The event will also be emceed by local and sustainable food advocate & talented blogger Anne Postic, of The Shoptart.

For fans of the chefs, drinks & sounds, this will be a familiar-face filled celebration of things you already love & value in this town. For those who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing any or all of the subjects mentioned here, I envy you. Figuring out the value of where you live via an evening with Slow Food at Indie Grits is the ultimate introduction to so many of the things that make this town great.

Tickets are here & the event, again, is Sunday, April 22nd from 4-7 pm at 711 Whaley.

PS: Festival passes are your best bet for Indie Grits. They include access to everything for one completely reasonable price. Get those here.

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